SIGHT-PIPES® are ideal for visually inspecting orbital tube welds, typical in the semiconductor and nuclear industry.

When inserted into a tube/fitting welded assembly, SIGHT-PIPES® project a magnified image of the weld to the top of the enlarged head of the SIGHT-PIPE®.

The image seen would be similar to that produced by sectioning the tube and looking directly at the weld.

This series of SIGHT-PIPES® are available to fit tubes from 1/4" X .035" wall to 1" X .065" wall, with three lengths available for each tube size. These SIGHT-PIPES® have a reduced diameter at the end to clear any reduction in I.D. caused by the weld bead.

Stop Collars provide a way to control the depth to which a SIGHT-PIPE® can be inserted into the tube being inspected. The Stop Collar is assembled, positioned, and clamped at the desired position on the shank of the SIGHT-PIPE®. The section view below shows the No Mar clamping technique used.