• DWS rents Arc Machines, Inc. orbital tube and pipe welding equipment.
  • Complete systems are available, serviced and ready.
  • DWS also coordinates training necessary for qualified use of this equipment.
  • DWS serves North America's rental requirements.

Rent from a wide selection of tube and pipe welding equipment, popular weld heads, cutting equipment, and tooling.

All equipment is checked, serviced and ready -- the best-maintained rental fleet in the industry.

Partial List of Available Equipment
  • AMI 207 power supplies
  • AMI 107 power supplies
  • AMI water cooling units
  • AMI 9-500 weld heads
  • AMI 9-750 weld heads
  • AMI 9-1500 weld heads
  • AMI 9-2500 weld heads
  • AMI 9-3500 weld heads
  • AMI 9-4500 weld heads
  • AMI 9-7500 weld heads
  • Remote operator pendants
  • Extension cables
  • Weld head tooling

Correct specification tungsten electrodes are available from DWS.